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MABIMI provides expert assistance with the Accreditation Process within Education and Training either through the Seta’s / Department of Education or any other Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) bodies.
MABIMI can assist by either doing the whole accreditation process for the Provider or just developing a Quality Management System.
MABIMI provides various Services within Education and Training and will be able to assist you from developing of Learning Material until achieving Accreditation and beyond.
MABIMI is committed in providing clients with a level of service beyond expectations, offering innovative, cost-effective assistance that will set us apart in the Consulting Industry.
MABIMI intends to build long-lasting relationships with the Training Providers and within the Community through honesty, integrity and respect.
MABIMI guarantees a quality product/service, on time and through a commitment to client satisfaction, achieved with first-rate consultants and with total dedication to all our work.

Client satisfaction is MABIMI's priority. MABIMI assures client satisfaction through:
  • A full understanding of the client’s needs - MABIMI are able to interpret requirements, execute assignment tasks, and deliver quality services to the client, through a wealth of experience and expertise, MABIMI’s experts anticipate and avoid costly assignment obstacles before they arise.
  • Personal Service – As a micro enterprise, MABIMI are able to devote attention to every assignment, guaranteeing the quality and timeliness of deliverance. Furthermore, by personally interacting with our clients and all role-players, our Consultants ensure MABIMI flexibility, adaptability, and responsiveness to the client’s needs and concerns.
  • A commitment to each assignment - MABIMI provides complete dedication to each assignment, no matter how big or small. This includes supplying appropriate Consultants and time to each assignment, close attention to set timeframes, frequent communication and feedback to the clients and all relevant process role-players, and a strict adherence to internal Quality Assurance, Quality Commitment procedures.
  • MABIMI strongly believes and uphold the Batho Pele Principles:
  • Regularly consult with all role-players
  • Set Standards
  • Increase access to education & training by all
  • Ensure high levels of courtesy, innovation
  • Provide more & better information about our services
  • Increase openness & transparency regarding all services delivered and our processes and to provide it at a high level of excellence
  • Remedy faults & mistakes through continuously updating our processes, our services and keep up to date with relevant information and technology
  • Provide the best possible value for money
  • Maintain complete Integrity in all our actions and strive to enhance respect and loyalty with all role-players.
  • Through various partnerships do community development and upliftment by providing opportunities to those in need.
MABIMI are professionals with a proven track record within the Education and Training industry and operate independently, objectively without bringing disrespect to other Service Providers within the Industry.
MABIMI have built a reputation of excellence within the Industry and are known for their best-practice approach.
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